Members of the Nebraska City Public School Board voted to approve the hiring of a number of teachers for the 2018-19 school year and also took action to introduce, update and eliminate board policies during the regular meeting on Monday, June 11, at the district offices.
Teachers hired were as follows: Ben Foust, seventh grade math; Travis Case, seventh grade science; Jill Colgan, fifth grade; Shelby Sewinner, fourth grade; and Rhonda Nielson, sixth grade science.
Switching to the policy issues which the board dealt with on Monday, Superintendent Jeff Edwards explained that the review of policy was an annual activity and that updates were mostly to do with changes so that the school’s policy matches that of the state, which is altered due to state legislation. One of the new policies implemented by the board will be one in regard to drones, something that Edwards said the board had not addressed in any other policy.
Also of note, the board approved the fifth and final year of a lunch contract with Lunchtime Solutions. Upon approval for the first year, the board had the option of renewing the contract four times before it would have to go through the process of selecting a lunch provider. That process will begin next spring. Although Edwards said that the district’s relationship with Lunchtime Solutions has been a satisfying one, there is no guarantee that a new contract will be awarded to them.
The board took action to approve the third of a possible four foreign exchange students for the upcoming school year. If there is to be a fourth student, that arrangement would have to be voted upon and approved at the July meeting of the board.
The board vote for a retention of legal council following its recent victory in court over a construction dispute with Facilities Cost Management. The Facilities Cost Management company had alleged in court that Nebraska City did not live up to its part of a construction contract. After rulings and appeals, the court ruled that Nebraska City had indeed lived up to the contract.
Despite not having an attorney on retainer, the Dr. Edwards said the district still has a standing arrangement with KSB School Law for legal council if needed.