Women, Land and Legacy of Southwest Iowa hosted an educational workshop held in Shenandoah on June 7. Food, Fun and Fruit Trees featured a fruit tree presentation by tree expert Joel Topham.
Topham is a certified arborist and the Grounds and Orchards Manager at Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.
The presentation focused on apple tree recommendations, planting trees correctly and proper storage of fruit.
Topham also gave suggestions for growing organic fruit and how to treat for pests and diseases without chemicals. The presentation also featured proper orchard operations for those who prefer orchard-grown fruit. “U-pick productions are growing in popularity”, said Topham.
Most orchards do not grow organic fruit and utilize chemicals for pest control. Topham emphasizes the importance of safety when selecting orchard-grown produce, and what to look for when visiting. “The FDA requires signage, warning against eating unwashed apples,” said Topham.
The event featured a chicken dinner for participants. It was sponsored through a partnership of Fremont, Mills, and Montgomery County Farm Service Agencies, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach of Fremont, Mills, Montgomery and Page counties, and the Women, Land & Legacy Committee. WLL is committed to offering learning opportunities for rural women in areas such as business, management, agriculture, and family. For more information on future events, contact your local ISU Extension & Outreach office.