At a June 25 meeting of the Collins-Maxwell school board, Superintendent Jordan Nelson’s resignation was accepted.

This coming school year was to be the first for Nelson as superintendent of the district, following several years of serving as the district’s high school principal. But, a closed session was held June 25 for a little over an hour, after which the board took the action of accepting the resignation, effective immediately.

No one has commented on why Nelson resigned, and the Tri-County Times has not been able to reach Nelson for comment.

Board member Bryce Caple said the board is looking to make an agreement to keep Ballard Superintendent Ottie Maxey on as superintendent for the coming school year. Maxey, who has been serving both districts as superintendent for the past two years, was originally only to serve the Collins-Maxwell District for those two years, and then return to his single superintendency at Ballard.

Maxey said Monday that neither Collins-Maxwell or Ballard has formally acted on him being in a shared position again this year, but an agreement will be considered by both boards this month. “In the meantime, I will continue to assist (Collins-Maxwell) until a decision is formally made,” he said.

Furthermore, Maxey said, “the (Collins-Maxwell) district appreciates Jordan’s service over the past three years as the 6-12 principal and wishes him the best in future pursuits.”

The Collins-Maxwell school board’s next regularly scheduled meeting is this Thursday evening. Ballard School Board will meet this coming Monday evening, the 16th.