The Woodward City Council had its annual meeting this month on Monday, July 9.

There the council discussed various department reports as well as a mayor report from Brian Devick.

Following the reports, the council approved the action to grant a liquor permit to both Flower’s By Donna Jean and Cayannes Cafe & Grill.

There was also an action passed to approve a 2018 resolution. The resolution was to receive donated land located on 304 S Main St. in Woodward. Further discussion was brought on as council members discussed the possibility of constructing a veteran’s memorial.

The next action on the list was another resolution that involves wage increases for non-union and union employees for the fiscal year of 2018 through 2019.

Once the council had moved to discuss this resolution, Mayor Devick stated the union contract has not yet been finalized.

“The union contract, as the city approved is a two percent minimum guaranteed increase over a three year time period,” Mayor Devick stated. “That is what has been presented and we are waiting on approval of it.”

Major Devick also stated once the council receives approval the contract will be retroactive to July 1, 2018.

One of the last topics of discussion took place during the third and final reading of the action to approve the consideration of an ordinance that will restrict oversized vehicles inside the city limits.

Before approval by roll call took place for this ordinance, council member AJ Patel stated this particular action was not a conflict of interest for him personally.

There was also discussion between board members that addressed the fee for the permit to remove these oversized vehicles. Mayor Devick assured everyone in attendance that the permit fee will account for the city escorts during the removal process but has not been established yet.

The Woodward City Council meets on the second Monday of every month and will meet again on Monday, Aug. 13.