It's in the can. Parkside Brewing Company, 2601 Madison Ave., canned about 200 cases or 15 barrels of beer recently for the first beers canned in Burlington.

A mobile canning crew called Midwest Canning, from the Chicago area, brought in a portable canning line. The first run included two beers: Crooked Street Cream Ale, named after Snake Alley, and Royal Jelly, which is a honey wheat beer with honey from the farm of Brewery Operations Manager Paul Kay.

The process is begun by loading empty uncapped cans into the machine. Cans are then turned upside down and sprayed with sanitizer. After the sanitizer drains, the cans are turned back upright. They progress through the line, first receiving a purge of CO2 and then are filled with 33 degree beer. The full cans progress down the line where they receive a top and it is seamed into place. Finally, the cans are rinsed and air dried prior to receiving a 6-pack holder and then boxed into cases.

The beer will be sold at several Hy-Vee stores in the Des Moines Metro area as well as in Iowa City/Coralville. Six-packs also will be sold out of the brewery in Burlington.

A second run is planned at the end of the month with two other beers.