Waukee’s newest restaurant Central Standard is now open.

The gastropub opened Monday, July 30 and celebrated a ribbon cutting on Friday, Aug. 3 at 3 p.m.

“The Central Standard is that we kind of look at it as the benchmark,” said general manager Andrew Crounse. “It’s our time zone, so it’s our benchmark for quality food. And we’re all about burgers, shakes, fries and beer - just at an elevated level.”

The original Central Standard restaurant is located in Bettendorf.

“The thing about Bettendorf is that it’s very much about community and family. We saw that mirrored in Waukee,” Crounse said. “It is the key to good living. We just saw it and said ‘This is the type of place we want to be in.’ It’s a similar community, it’s much about community, family values and that’s what we want to be a part of.”

The restaurant always 24 beers on tap - one for each hour of the day.

“As of right now they are all Iowa beers. We try to do as much local as possible,” Crounse said. “Obviously, that will change with the different seasons.”

Central Standard sets itself apart from other restaurants in the area by making all its food in house.

“The biggest thing is that we make everything fresh. Everything from our buns, to our fries,” Crounse said. “We bake our own pretzels, buns, bread in house every morning. Hand cut our fries. Everything we can possibly make, we do. … You name it, we make it in house.”

Central Standard is located at 1222 SE University Ave. in Waukee. More information, including restaurant hours, can be found at www.centralstandardburgers.com.

“We’re really excited to being a part of the community and we look forward to meeting everybody,” Crounse said.