The Granger City Council held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 8. Various items were discussed including a water damage claim, a development agreement, and voluntary severing of territory.

The Development Agreement between the City and Granger Land Company LLC and Pags & Sons LLC was first addressed with the latest report from the city’s attorney. The developer and the builder have entered into a minimum assessment agreement with the county assessor. From this, the two agreed that the building pertaining to that agreement will have a minimum value of 5 million dollars.

Don Beneventi was in attendance to participate in the discussion regarding the petition to voluntarily divide his land. Beneventi Chevrolet Inc. is located on property that is partly within the city and partly within the county.

“Part of the dealership has been in the city and partly in the county since my family bought the property years ago,” Beneventi said. “So what I am trying to do is square off the dealership so if the day comes that we decide to sell […] it will be much simpler.”

Beneventi went on to explain that the Planning and Zoning department had already approved of this change, but the Dallas County Auditor found several complications in the portions of land that would come into the city as well as those coming out.

“It’s a trade-off really, some of it [the land] is coming in and some of it is going out,” Beneventi said. “It’s just that the county auditor wanted the parcels renumbered for tax purposes.”

The board eventually set a public hearing date for Beneventi to petition for annexation on Sept. 12, 2018.

Towards the end of the meeting, Parks and Recreations Director Jennifer Harned announced the two vacancies among the Parks and Recreations board and the candidates best fit to fill them.

Erik Smith and Ryan Castro were each appointed to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of Lexi Diersen and Angie Sebastian. Smith will begin serving on the board in 2020 and Castro will begin serving in 2021.

The next Granger City Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 12.