On Monday, Aug. 13 the Woodward City Council met to discuss various items including a public hearing date for vacation of alleys to Phil Creese and Mary Jo Wickett, permit process and fees for decks, sheds, and fences, and the shared cost and city ownership of the drainage tile installed by Minburn Communications.

Woodward Mayor Brian Devick began the discussion regarding the public hearing date for vacation of alleys to Phil Creese and Mary Jo Wicket by clarifying to all those in attendance what the item was for.

“This (item) is not any decision being made tonight, this is just a resolution to set a public hearing date,” Mayor Devick said.

Each city council member voted to approve the date of Sept. 10, 2018 for the hearing.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss the permit application process and fees for citizens wishing to add a deck, shed, or fence to their property.

Mayor Devick stated he and several other council members had met recently to discuss and establish the resolution.

“Basically the decision that was made by the group is that there is a difference between a small accessory building within a residential lot versus actual house construction or major construction,” Mayor Devick explained to the council. “We kind of followed along with what the International Building Codes call for while making the decisions that we made.”

Mayor Devick went on to explain that any structure that is not attached to the main building and is greater than 600 square feet is a major structure that must meet all requirements set by the IBC. Also according to the IBC, if it is less than 600 feet the structure will not have to uphold those requirements.

“Because of these guidelines we don’t have to go through the same process that we do for houses and other structures,” Mayor Devick said. “We make the same decisions when it comes to other fences and decks.”

As a result of this resolution, the council will not need to hire an outside source to take care of these items. The Woodward City Council will complete these and have the Public Works Department conduct the inspections of each structure in order to deliver the appropriate fee to each resident based on square footage. Any structure that is less than 600 square feet will require a $50 fee and any structure that is 601-1000 square feet will require a $150 fee.

One of the last items on the agenda was in regards to whether or not the city of Woodward would share the cost and ownership of a drainage tile installed alongside Minburn Communications.

“Minburn Communications is rebuilding and extending their building out to the property’s edge,” Mayor Devick explained.

The previous structure of the building saw no issues with water drainage from the parking lot and into the nearby ditch. The new structure of the building will not allow for this drainage and Minburn Communications will install a drainage tile to take care of this problem. Mayor Devick explained these changes have the building partially on the city’s property and the company wants to share the cost.

The City Council eventually decided to deny the shared cost of the drainage tile, but voted to grant Minburn Communications a permanent easement at no cost.

The Woodward City Council will hold their next annual meeting on Monday, Sept. 10 at 7 p.m.