A new proposal for reconstructing the Dallas County Courthouse was presented to the Board of Supervisors the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Christopher Patterson, 5th Judicial District Court administrator, said the court system held an internal meeting to come up with a concept that would best address the courts needs and the needs of the board.

In the new concept, the west wing of the second floor would become a single, large courtroom. The Clerk of Courts and Juvenile Court would then share the east wing of the second floor. A wall would divide the two areas and the split would be approximately 60/40 - 60 percent going to the Clerk of Courts office.

Patterson also spoke of the need for individual offices in the Juvenile Court area and asked the board to consider approving six offices.

The first floor would then be used for the Treasurer’s Office and the Recorder Office.

The courts discussed using the former Board of Supervisors room as a large meeting room for jury deliberations, judges’ conversations or possibly, for magistrate use for a simple hearing to two, if needed.

Patterson said that the courts feel this new concept would meet the board’s and the courts’ short term and intermediate needs.

The Supervisors agreed on the concept, but will wait to take action until designs have been made by Jerry Purdy, founder and president of Design Alliance.

If approved, construction can begin on the new courthouse concept as soon as the Recorder’s Office is moved to its new location.