Insta Pro International celebrated the opening of its new location in Grimes with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Aug. 10.

President and CEO of Insta Pro Kevin Kacere kicked off the ceremony by introducing the guest of honor: Sen. Joni Ernst; Grimes City Council member Eric Johansen; Executive Vice President at the Greater Des Moines Partnership David Maahs; Heartland Agri-Partners, LLC Board Chairman Nick Santrizos; and President of Anderson Properties Mark Anderson.

Each Ernst, Johansen and Maahs talked briefly about how Insta Pro International’s growth and how it will contribute to the City of Grimes.

Sen. Ernst made attending the ceremony a priority while visiting Iowa.

“Well, it is so important because Insta Pro is working with soybean farmers, they’re working with different programs, of course to process that soybean into soybean meal and other soy food sources - oils,” Ernst said. “And get that out into developing areas. So, other countries around the world that need other sources of protein, we can help with that right here in Iowa. So, it is really important.”

Having Ernst at the ceremony was highlight for Kacere.

“It was just wonderful seeing all the people - over 150 people here today. Certainly having Sen. Ernst here was an honor,” he said. “And really just seeing all our family and friends from our all of vendors and associates, from really all over the country.”

Insta Pro International is an equipment manufacturer producing extruders and presses for processing feed, grain and food all over the world. The business works with more than 100 countries around the world, according to Kacere.

“We’re all over Latin America - from Mexico all the way down to Argentina and Uruguay. We’re in Russia, all over India, Sri Lanka and throughout Europe, Canada,” Kacere said. “We’re really all over.”

Insta Pro International is looking forward to being a part of Grime’s growth.

“We’ve brought a lot of people to Grimes with our employees. We have many visitors that come see us, that will also bring opportunity to Grimes,” Kacere said. “And as we continue to grow - and we’ve grown 250 percent in employees from 10 years ago to now, we fully intend to continue to grow - there will be more and more opportunity for the City of Grimes.”

The new Insta Pro International facility is located at 2100 SE Gateway Dr. Suite 500 in Grimes.