Maryland Representative John Delaney visited Dallas County as part of his 99-county visit to Iowa during his presidential campaign trail. Delaney is seeking the Democratic candidacy for the 2020 presidential election.

During his trip to Dallas County on Thursday, Aug. 9, Delaney visited Connie Klug’s barn in Adel for a speech and Q&A with more than 100 people.

Klug put together the event because her son, Jay Klug, insisted. Jay, who works in Washington, D.C., first met Delaney on an elevator ride.

“Jay calls me up and says ‘Mom, John Delaney is running for president. You have to have something at the barn. He’s the real deal.’ And I said ‘Okay, we’ll have something for him,’” Connie said.

After getting in touch with Delaney’s campaign chair, the date of the event was set. All that was left were inviting guests.

“We just invited our friends and neighbors,” Connie said. “There (were) Republicans here, Democrats here, Independents. It’s not a partisan (event).”

At the event, Delaney talked about his commitment to bipartisanship, saying if he is elected, he wants to work on only bipartisan actions in his first 100 days as president.

Delaney also talked about his upbringing in a blue collar family, how he became the youngest CEO in the New York Stock Exchange and his time as a Representative for Maryland.

More information about Delaney can be found in his book, “The Right Answer: How We Can Unify Our Divided Nation.”

Delaney also talked about how he believes all children should attend preschool, how he would like universal health care for the United States and how trade agreements can help the country and farmers.

Present along with Delaney, were his wife, April Delaney, and one of his four daughters, Grace.

This was Delaney’s fourth trip to Iowa and will complete his tour of all 99 counties.

“It is important to show that I willing to campaign everywhere. And I want to listen to Iowans all across the state,” Delaney said. “In all the counties I’ve met really great people and heard really terrific stories.”

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