The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the offer and acceptance of a new digital LiveScan Fingerprint machine from the Iowa Department of Public Safety. The new machine is provided free of cost to Dallas County avoiding the purchase price of $19,941. The new machine is the latest generation capable of Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) that provides powerful multi biometric information acquisition and identification solutions.

The advanced live scans are offered to the top-10 fingerprint submitting agencies in the State of Iowa through a NCHIP (National Criminal History Improvement Program) grant the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) was awarded in 2014. Shortly after being awarded the grant, the DPS began the process of finding a replacement to the current fading Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The new machine will provide the latest advanced technology and replace the jails current AFIS fingerprint machine that has been used since 2006.

In October 2017 the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist DPS with a review and scoring of vendor proposals. Sgt. Adam Howard of the Dallas County Jail was selected to represent Dallas County on the review panel and Sgt. Howard attended in person and virtual presentations. In conclusion, Idemia (formerly MorphoTrak/PrintTrak and Motorola) was awarded the state contact for live scans; making the purchase and delivery of these live scans possible. The new machine was delivered to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and currently in use.