The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met at its usual time Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Sheriff Chad Leonard and Jerry Purdy of Design Alliance were present to discuss a pricing proposal for an office expansion in the new Dallas County Law Enforcement Center.

The proposed expansion would include different rooms for a mental health care area, a probation/parole area and a jail conference room. The expansion would also include offices for the jail program coordinator and a Prison Rape Elimination Act coordinator.

The addition would also increase security by closing off a maintenance door from the jail to the outside of the building, according to Leonard.

The expansion would increase the size of the new building by about 31-by-6 feet to the north.

The office expansion will increase the cost of the new law enforcement building by $238,925. However, the building as a whole will still come in under budget - even with the expansion.

The Board approved the pricing change and the office expansion. Change orders for the building have already been drawn up and the contractors have all agreed to the change.

In other news:

Jerry Purdy from Design Alliance drew up designs of the new Dallas County Courthouse concept proposed by Christopher Patterson, 5th Judicial District Court administrator, at the Aug. 14 meeting. The new designs include the Treasurer’s Office and the Recorder Office moving onto the first floor. The second floor would then be made into a large courtroom on the west wing and the Clerk of Courts and Juvenile Courts splitting the east wing.

Purdy’s designs showed the board the 60/40 split of the second-floor east wing is feasible. The Juvenile Courts office would include six office - three 12-by-9 feet, and three 10-by-9 feet - as well as a reception area in the front. The Clerk of Courts area would 12 cubicles, two offices and room for filing cabinets.

The designs still need to be agreed upon by the court system, but the Board was pleased with the outcome.