The big discussion of the W-G School Board meeting last Monday, Aug. 20 was that of the second reading regarding the district handbooks. The topic was originally brought up several months ago due to some technicalities that needed to be mentioned in regards to academic eligibility, as well as some formatting concerns.

After further discussion, the board decided to adjust regulations for middle school and high school students to attend a school-sanctioned dance based on grades, and conduct while on school grounds and at other school sponsored events.

Other updates to the district handbooks include new pictures of the faculty and staff, general points that lead to a suspension and appeal process, and other disciplinary instances and consequences.

The handbook is available to all via the W-G Community School District website.

Other matters addressed during the August meeting included the use of an administrator education stipend. The school board discussed using funds to send various admins to an official training conference this September. W-G Activities Director Matt Eichhorn is familiar with how these training sessions go and what it takes to get there. Eichhorn was able to inform the board about the costs of travel and lodging from his personal experience.

“The hotel (the conference is set at) will book up pretty quickly,” Eichhorn told the school board. “In the past they have opened up two other hotels to host everyone, but after those fill up you are on your own.”

After further discussion the matter was tabled in order to discuss other specific aspects of this possibility at next month’s meeting. Eichhorn assured the board there would still be plenty of time to book rooms after that meeting takes place.

The board also took Monday’s meeting to discuss appointment and regular school board elections.

W-G Superintendent Brad Anderson said there were several questions regarding this matter because of the recent changes made to the board.

“We did some calling and asking because we were particularly interested for Tim (Bogardus),” Anderson said. “With the school board election coming up we wanted to make sure he didn’t have to put his name on a ballot and turn around and re-run a month or two after he had been appointed.”

The board and Anderson concluded that Councilman Bogardus will not have to re-run until the 2019 election.

“At this particular point we will have no one on school board elections barring everyone stays put,” said Superintendent Anderson.