Big Blue Bed and Breakfast is up and running.

Mike and Laurie Tigges originally bought Big Blue with the plans of fixing up the house and selling it to another family to live in.

“As we got into the design phase, and how cool it was going to be, we wanted to share it with the community,” Mike said. “It’s probably one of the 10 or 12 oldest houses in this town and it’s out on the intersection where everyone can see it and we want everyone to enjoy it.”

Laurie agreed with Mike and talked about how the town doesn’t have a hotel for people to stay in while visiting Adel.

“I didn’t want it to be just one person’s house that no one else got to see. It’s just such a part of Adel,” Laurie said. “The Chamber of Commerce told us there’s nowhere for anyone to stay in Adel, especially close to the bike path. … It just gave people a place to stay, but it’s really close and has this amazing history, but with the updates of it basically being a new house inside a victorian.”

The Tigges have been accepting guests since mid-July. So far, the B&B has seen about 60 guests, including a large group from the Greater Houston Track Club during the AAU Olympics.

Former residents of the house have also stayed as guests at Big Blue.

Some of the McCann’s stayed in the B&B during the Adel Sweet Corn Festival.

“It was really neat watching them walk through and joke about and laugh about things,” Laurie said.

One of the stories the McCann children told was about playing cards in what is now the dining room. Their father would sit in a certain spot at the table in order to cheat and see other people’s cards in a mirror. In the exact spot where a mirror hangs today.

The Kester children also came to visit and experienced a similar coincidence. When the Kester’s grandmother lived in the house she collected little bears and set them up in a hutch. The Tigges also happened to place a hutch with a few porcelain bears in the same spot as the Kester’s grandmother.

Each of the rooms available for guests in Big Blue are named after former residents - The Kester, The Simcoke Suite and The McCann. The attic, or The Penthouse, is also available for guests and has room for 11 people to sleep.

Each floor has its own wifi and each room has a smart tv. The attic also has its own heating and cooling system for guests to adjust as they please.

Laurie also used to run a bakery and makes breakfast for guests, including muffins, eggs and crepes.

While the Tigges are accepting guests, there is still work to be done on Big Blue.

“The majority of it is the reconnecting of the porches outside,” Laurie said. “It was too hot to do it over the summer. The porches weren’t something that were originally in the plan. We didn’t know that it had a wrap-around porch. So when we found a picture, it kind of concluded that we will have to wrap those around.”

The Tigges received help with the porch from local students.

“ADM High, their woodworking class made all the balusters for us,” Laurie said. “They’re called pot-belly balusters and you can’t really find them anywhere around here in wood.”

The sleeping porch on the second floor still needs to be completed, as well as, the tiling in the entryway, according to Mike.

Reservations for Big Blue can be made at,, or

For more information, visit the Facebook page “Big Blue Bed and Breakfast-Adel, Iowa.”