After 28 years of business in Waukee, Classic Floral Design is now closed.

Owner Lyn Schafer has retired. The floral shops last day open was Saturday, Sept. 1.

“Waukee’s been really good to us from day one,” Schafer said. “It’s just a very friendly community, so everybody waves and smiles, and they’re very welcoming.”

Schafer took over the shop after a previous owner started the business and was open for one year. A few years later, Berniece Johnson joined the Classic Floral Design team.

Johnson agreed with Schafer about their time in business.

“I think it was the kind of community that you enjoy coming to work everyday and seeing people everyday,” Johnson said. “There wasn’t ever anybody that you dreaded dealing with. It was always friendly and everybody cared. We made a lot of friends over the years.”

Looking over their time at the floral shop, the women laughed at memory from many years ago.

During Johnson’s first homecoming experience at the shop, her and Schafer were working late one fall night. The two had previously put up a display outside the shop that included corn stalks and hay bales. While in the shop that night, they heard some high school kids messing with the fall display.

“Lyn goes flying out the door and said ‘I know who you are and I’m working on your homecoming corsage, so you better knock it off or you’re not going to get any flowers,’” Johnson said with a laugh.

The women never had a problem with their outdoor displays again.

Along with homecoming corsages, Classic Floral Design created bouquets for many events, including weddings, funerals, Mother’s Day, prom and more.

“When you’re dealing with a business like the flower shop and you’re in a small town, you are so directly involved (in people’s lives) - with all of their highs and lows,” Schafer said.

Johnson finished Schafer’s statement by adding: “You do flowers for their happy times, their sad times, and everything in between.”

Schafer and Johnson were “swamped with floral work” until the closing of the store. But, now that the store is closed, Schafer has time to clean out the store.

There will be a tag sale in late September to clear out what’s left in the store. Later, Shafer plans on leasing out the space.