The ADM School Board gathered for its September meeting on Monday, Sept. 10 in Adel.

Here are three things to know from the meeting:

1. The Board approved a proposal for the golf coach change. ADM currently has one head coach and two assistant coaches for both the girls’ and boys’ golf teams. The change will allow for two head coaches - one boys’ coach and one girls’ coach - and one assistant coach.

The boys’ and girls’ golf teams operate as two separate teams. Often, the teams travel to two separate sites on the same day to compete. With only one head coach, one assistant coach has to act as a head coach for a team at competitions.

The price difference in hiring a second head coach for ADM golf would be between $599 and $1,156.

2. Tim Canney was re-elected as ADM School Board president. Kelli Book was re-elected as ADM School Board Vice President. The two were both elected unopposed. Nancy Gee, Board Secretary/Treasurer, led Canney and Book in the Administration of Oath of Office to Board President and Vice President.

3. At the August meeting, the School Board approved a one-year agreement with Go Guardian for internet filtering for school laptops. At the meeting, the Board asked if a multiple year contract would save the schools money. Quotes for two- and three-year services were received. The two-year agreement would cost $14,089.50. The three-year agreement would cost $17,902.50. The District would save $1,410.50 with the two-year agreement and $5,347.50 with the three-year agreement. The Board agreed to pay for a three-year agreement with Go Guardian.

The next ADM School Board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8 at the District Board Room, located at 215 N. 11th St. in Adel.