Kim Chapman

Name/Age: My name is Kim Chapman and I am 65 years of age. I am a Vietnam War veteran and served in the United States Air Force from 1972 until 1976.

Town of residence: My City of residence is Adel.

How long have you lived in Dallas County: I am a lifelong resident of Dallas County. I was born in Dexter, Iowa at the Clinic Hospital. I live in Adams Township and I have lived at my current address since 2003.

Family members: I have been happily married to my High School sweetheart, Kathy Case Chapman, for forty-five (45) years this past June. We are the proud parents of four(4) children and twenty-four (24) grandchildren. Many of our children and grandchildren are residents of Dallas County.

Current occupation and place of employment: I am the President of Midwest Ambulance Service of Iowa, Inc. My wife and I own other businesses related to the medical industry. Our corporate office is located in Urbandale, IA. I have been with Midwest Ambulance Service of Iowa since it was founded, as a Private Paramedic Ambulance Service, in 1984. We have owned our other companies since the mid 1990s.

Previous elected official experience: I was privileged to be elected, as a Dallas County Supervisor, in 2002 and took office in January 2003. I was defeated in the Primary Election in 2006. I was elected again in 2011 and I have been serving since then. I brought many years of business experience to the County Supervisor position. I am the only District 3 Supervisor candidate who has developed and managed multi-million dollar budgets.

I am the only District 3 Supervisor candidate with a proven track record of fiscal conservative management. My work as a Supervisor has helped in decreasing the Countywide and Rural Services tax levy by over 30 percent.

I have been instrumental in taking Dallas County from the worst Moody’s rating of D, when I first took office, to a recently awarded Triple A rating. This rating is the best Moody’s rating that can be achieved.

My elected official experience also includes leadership in saving our historical County Home facility by repurposing the building into much needed County office space and a state of the art E-911 Dispatch Center.

Top three priorities if elected:

1. County collaboration with Dallas County Cities to plan, develop and implement a “Smart Growth Plan” to assist with proper management of the explosive growth Dallas County continues to experience.

2. I will continue using conservative fiscal management principles to keep County taxes low while improving County services and exceeding the citizens expectations.

3. I will continue my work to make Dallas County an even better place to work, live and to raise a family.

Thank you for your support! I ask for your vote on November 6, 2018.

Robert Greenway

Name: Robert Greenway

Age: 61.

Town of residence: DeSoto, and now Van Meter for the second time.

How long have you lived in Dallas County: Residence of Dallas County for a combined time of 27 years.

Family members: Married to Laura Greenway, two daughters, one stepson.

Current occupation and place of employment: Self-employed independent insurance broker, and a real estate investor for the last 8 years.

College and degree: Graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia 1978.

Previous elected official experience: Past city council member of DeSoto

Top three priorities if elected:

1. Drop the salary of supervisors 20 percent now to make the move to 5 supervisor board (which I approve) somewhat economical 57,000 to 47,000 approximately.

2. Pay off the Dallas Center law enforcement in 13 years instead of 20 by using 25 percent of the Unincorporated Local Option Sales Tax revenue helping the entire Dallas County. Forty-five percent of the $3 million are intended for Capital Expenses. The present Supervisors plan to use this money to fund other projects that said were in the past not affordable. The Board of Supervisors did nothing to help pass the Option tax and actually one abstained from putting on the ballot, one refused to either sign the petition, two wanted a sunset.

3. Create a Fire Marshall Position to coordinate, help train and recruit the many members of many Volunteer Fire Dept. Salary and expenses could be charged to participating cities. Not all will participate. Some charges could be passed on to Insurance claims for fire calls.

Pat Stalter

Name: Patricia Sue Butler Stalter - Pat

Age: 67

Town of residence: Adel, Iowa since 1972

How long have you lived in Dallas County: I have lived in Dallas County for 46 years - since 1972 when I came to Adel to teach middle school English and language arts at what was then Adel Community School.

Family members: My husband Jim is a retired carpenter and avid Hawkeye fan and fly fisherman. Our daughter Katie and her husband Doug Lesmerises have two daughters, Kyra and Daria, and live in Westerville, OH. Our daughter Kristy and her husband Scott Hall have a daughter Cora and a son Nile and live in Adel, IA.

Current occupation and place of employment: In 2014, I retired from teaching after 43 years. I taught middle school reading and language arts including 34 at ADM Middle School. I am currently serving as pastor of Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Woodward, IA.

College and degree: I earned a BA in English from Simpson College in 1971 and an MA in Education from Viterbo University in 2006.

Previous elected experience: This is my first time running for public office. I was elected and served as president of the ADM Education Association and as chief negotiator and contract maintenance/teacher rights advocate for many years. I have also served in various elected capacities at Adel First Christian Church and on the Regional Church Operating Council for the Christian Church in the Upper Midwest.

Top three priorities if elected:

1. If elected, my top priority will be to listen to the concerns of all residents of Dallas County. The position of supervisor carries great responsibility to manage and use the funds of the county in ways that serve the public fairly and well. I promise to listen carefully and use sound judgment in all matters relating to the authority and responsibility of this public office. Of special concern to me are public and mental health, senior citizen services, and human services. Our community as county residents is better and stronger when we carefully address issues that aren’t always front-page news.

2. In keeping with the need to listen and represent fairly, I will work for the addition of two more part-time supervisors. The current three-person board has a huge responsibility to represent a very diverse and growing county. Three members are restricted in their ability to converse outside meetings because two members together constitute a quorum. The best decisions for all constituents will often require opportunities for the supervisors to discuss the concerns and questions brought to them. A five-member board would allow for supervisors to ask questions and clarify positions one on one when concerns are brought to them. The addition could be partially paid for by reducing the pay of each member. Many residents have voiced concern that the current compensation is high in respect to the time spent working for the county.

3. A third priority will be the fair and respectful treatment of county employees and every member of the public they serve. I hope to work to ensure that county employees are fairly compensated and are treated with dignity and respect as individuals and as a group. I believe in the collective bargaining model and will work to see that grievance policies are fairly written and followed.

Michael “Wombat” Walrod

Name: Michael “Wombat” Walrod

Age: 62.

How long have you lived in Dallas County: 57 years

Family members: Wife: Tonya Daughter: Alicia granddaughter Taylor, grandson Jaxson (Alicia’s children, my grandchildren), Son: Clinton deceased September 13, 2002, Step-daughter: Jennifer, grandson Gavin (Jennifer’s son), Step-daughter: Kyra granddaughter, Norah (Kyra’s daughter), Step-daughter: Meagan, grandson Connor, granddaughter Annabelle (Meagan’s children).

Current occupation and place of employment: Family owned and operated Hawkeye Auto Salvage for 55 years until selling in 2016. I currently work part time there and am also an non denominational ordained minister. I average 25 weddings a year plus numerous Celebrations of Life yearly through my minister service “Reverend Wombat`s I DO Weddings”. Also, am a big advocate for suicide awareness and prevention especially amongst younger people.

College and degree: High school graduate. No college but I often think of myself as the valedictorian of the School of Hard Knocks. From everyone of those hard knocks I have risen, moved forward, and improved in life. From the death of my son (2002) and my first wife (2006) through all of life’s trials and tribulations. I also feel that a college education does not make one superior in intelligence. Some of the most intelligent people I have met come from the last of the great generation. Many of them were farmers who had to leave school to work on the family farm. They got their education from reading, researching, and listening. Much the same way I will learn in the job of County Supervisor when elected.

Previous elected official experience: I have none. My father served on the city government of DeSoto for almost 20 years. I plan on doing just like he did. Put my nose to the grindstone and learn everything I can about the wants and needs of the citizens and employees of Dallas County. Sometimes fresh and new is good.

Top three priorities if elected: Tough to come up with just 3 as there are so many things that I would like to work at getting done. In listing these 3 they are not in any order of priority as they are all extremely important to me.

1. Major road improvements. The roads in this county are a disgrace. The farm to market roads that some families use daily and their family has paid taxes in this county for 100 years are terrible, especially in the far regions of the county. I have observed areas that look like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I have traveled every mile of roads in the county over many years and I find it shameful the condition they have become. I know it is not the county road crews fault as they do as they are told. People need to realize that they are a maintenance crew not a road construction crew.

2. To publicly call out elected officials on waste of taxpayers dollars in their departments. To work with them on putting these dollars from the hard working taxpayers to better use. To see our money used the proper way instead of seeing it flying out the window for lost labor, misuse, personal agendas, etc.

3. To be there for the citizens and employees of Dallas County. I want both to know that they have a Supervisor that will listen, watch out for, and speak up for them. The employees do not have a supervisor now that cares about them. I feel that the current supervisors are in office for their personal agendas and other`s agendas. It is time for the employees to get the pay and benefits they so deserve. This is one of the main reasons why I won’t vote for a pay raise for elected officials. I will say some deserve it but it is voted across the board instead of individually. Actions of a few affect the others. At all hours I will be available to serve the people. I will look into any complaint, idea, or problem anyone approaches me with. My service will not be when I want to serve the people but instead will be available to listen and look into meeting their concerns and needs at all times. I want to be the NEW EARS, NEW EYES, and NEW VOICE for the hard working taxpayers, citizens, and employees of Dallas County. I am Michael Walrod, the candidate for the people.

There are many more I could list. We have a major problem in county health department that needs addressed. The public transportation department needs to be looked at as one supervisor, I am told, keeps fighting a contract that would lower the rates for the people who use this transportation. Again personal agenda, maybe. I feel it is time for the “good old boys club” to be broken up and for fresh and new people to take charge.