Cindy Axne visited Adel on her campaign trail on Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Axne is the Democratic Congressional candidate for Iowa’s 3rd district. Along with Axne, was Cheri Bustos, Congresswoman from Illinois.

Axne talked about campaigning around the state and talking to Iowans.

“It doesn’t matter if you live in a metro area or one of our rural towns or out on a farm. We all deserve to have a voice in Washington,” Axne said. “So I’m going to get out there and make sure you all have a voice.”

Along her campaign trail, Axne has talked to Iowans about affordable healthcare, good paying jobs and all-day kindergarten around the state.

Bustos also spoke to the crowd and endorsed Axne. Bustos even donated a $2,000 check to Axne’s campaign.

Both Axne and Bustos expressed the importance of voting in the general election on Nov. 6.

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