On Oct. 4, 2018, Governor Reynolds officially declared Oct. 6-12 National PA Week through a proclamation put forward by the Iowa PA Society.

PAs, or physician assistants, are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient’s principal healthcare provider. With thousands of hours of medical training, PAs practice in every state and in every medical setting and specialty, improving healthcare access and quality.

There are currently over 1,450 licensed in Iowa and more than 123,000 PAs practicing nationwide.

“For the past 50 years, PAs have been an integral part of healthcare in Iowa, providing care throughout all 99 counties, to patients young and old, to urban, suburban, and rural areas, and through all medical specialties. Iowa PAs are very grateful to Governor Reynolds for officially proclaiming Oct. 6-12, 2018 as PA Week throughout all of Iowa,” said Jim Earel, past president of the Iowa PA Society.

PA Week, celebrated every year from Oct. 6-12 by the American Academy of PAs, recognizes the PA profession and its contributions to healthcare. The starting date, Oct. 6, honors the anniversary of the first graduating class of PAs from the Duke University PA program in 1967.