The 2018 Dallas County Fair Queen, Meghan McBride, is celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday a little differently this year.

McBride has decided to hold a turkey fundraiser to help donate food to food pantries.

“I was thinking about doing something - a fundraiser, or donating something - around the holidays,” McBride said. “And I thought instead of volunteering or making blankets and donating them, I thought something really cool for Thanksgiving could be a turkey driven and trying to raise money so we can give turkeys to food pantries.”

The fundraiser run on McBride’s personal Facebook page. People can donate money on Facebook to help McBride reach her goal of raising $400. As of earlier this week, McBride has raised $175.

“It’s important to me to give back to the local community and make people feel good around the holidays,” McBride said. “The holidays can be hard for some people, whether they have lost loved ones or they aren’t as fortunate as some. So, I thought it would be a good way to make people feel good and make people happy, so they can have a good Thanksgiving.”

McBride started the turkey drive on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and is taking donations through Wednesday, Nov. 21 - the day before Thanksgiving.

McBride, 18, has been the Dallas County Fair Queen since June. So far, she has enjoyed her time as Fair Queen and looks forward to using this platform to continue to help others, according to McBride.