The Waukee Community School District placed Chief Operating Officer Eric Rose on paid administrative leave following a state audit report. The audit, released on Dec. 6, “identified $130,244.98 of improper disbursements and disbursements which were not in the best interest of taxpayers.”

The complete audit report can be found on the Office of Auditor of State website.

The Waukee Community School District released this statement on Friday, Dec. 7:

In response to the findings in the State audit, Waukee Community School District has placed Chief Operating Officer, Eric Rose on paid administrative leave, effective December 7, 2018. The audit report provides an opportunity for the district to consider the detailed findings and the recommended control procedures. The findings reported in the audit confirm policy and procedural changes implemented by the district since July 1, when the current chief financial officer assumed her role. Additional changes will occur as appropriate, and action plans will be developed to address the other recommendations in the audit report.

The Board will engage in dialogue on Monday, December 10 at the Board meeting regarding recommended control procedures on page 31 of the audit report.

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