Thanks to DECRA Roofing Systems, Inc. and Worth Exteriors, Waukee’s Triangle Park gazebo is looking extra polished just in time for the annual WinterFest celebration!

After decades of aging, the roof on the gazebo was looking worn. A chance conversation at the National Farm Progress show between Waukee Parks Superintendent Ron Heiman and DECRA Regional Manager James Clark kicked off the start of the improvement project.

“As someone who lives in Waukee I knew that this [replacing the gazebo roof] would be a great opportunity to give back,” said Clark. “DECRA got local construction company Worth Exteriors involved. Chris Worthington with Worth Exteriors had the same desire to give back to the community.”

Worthington said the installation of the DECRA Shake XD material took his team three days to complete. The Shake XD, provided by DECRA at no cost, was chosen for the roof project because it provides the look of traditional cedar shake without the associated long-term [maintenance] issues. Worth Exteriors made this pro bono project a high priority so they were able to be done in time for WinterFest visitors to enjoy it on December 7.

“Waukee has been home to Worth Exteriors for the past few years,” said Worthington. “Located on Alice’s Road, we have had a front row seat to watching the community grow. We see it as a privilege to be given the opportunity to contribute to the Waukee Triangle gazebo, and we are excited to see it be used for many years to come with a gorgeous, long-lasting DECRA roof.”

In addition to being a central gathering place for WinterFest, the gazebo is a fixture at the Waukee Farmers Market and is a resting spot for patrons of the Downtown Triangle Businesses.

“I was very impressed with the outcome of the project and the abilities of Worth Exteriors and DECRA Roofing to complete the project so quickly,” said Waukee Parks & Recreation Director Jermier. “It was great to see two companies collaborate and be able to showcase the work they do to improve a focal point of Waukee.”

The City thanks DECRA Roofing Systems, Inc. and Worth Exteriors for their generous donations.