One of the biggest holidays for florists is almost here and three local businesses are ready for it.

Adel Flowers and Gifts has been busy preparing for Valentine’s Day since December. Manager Deb Gay said they typically order their flowers in December or January. Vases are picked out even before then.

There’s an unspoken formula, she said, that they use to help determine many flowers to order each year.

“We look at what we’ve done the last couple years. We look at the day of the week it’s going to land on. If Valentine’s Day is on a weekend, we don’t order as much,” Gay said.

If the annual day falls on a Wednesday or Thursday, Owner Valerie Sutton added that they will have a bigger floral holiday.

“The guys like the kudos, when all the girls in the office are like ‘oh he’s so sweet.’ They like their flowers to sit on their desk all day long,” Gay said.

For fellow local shop, Harper Rose’s Floral and Gifts of Perry, this will be their first Valentine’s Day.

“Since opening in October, everything that we’ve handled so far has been in preparation up to this moment,” Rachelle Boston said. “Between the funerals that we’ve done, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and finally really getting our name out there. I think that we’re really excited and we’re gearing up for it.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Flowers by Donna Jean has been in business for 29 years in Woodward.

Owner Donna Jean Cronk said preparations leading up to Valentine’s Day include ordering flowers, preparing them when they come in and having the containers ready to go.

Some flowers, like daisies and carnations, need to be left out so they open up a bit more, Cronk said. Others, like roses, she likes to have come in closer to the big day so they are as fresh as possible.

As for what the most popular flower is for Valentine’s Day, all three shops had the same answer.

“Red roses are of course the number one,” Cronk said.

“Valentine’s Day just screams red and white,” Gay added of the two most popular colors.

Sutton said other favorite flowers include carnations, lilies and tulips.

Boston likes to put a fresh spin on some of the traditional bouquets. She may use the same flowers, but arrange them in a fun, new way for those looking for something different this year.

All three shops encourage customers to pre-order their Valentine’s Day arrangements. That way, the owners said, the customers have more options.

“Valentine’s Day is so interesting because it’s primarily a male-driven holiday,” Sutton said. “Guys are procrastinators. We try so hard to get people to do pre-orders. We do have some, but for the most part they are all calling the day of.”

That makes it more challenging for the florists to plan. Boston also encourages customers to call each location directly to order their arrangements. That way, she said they can get a bit more customization than just ordering online.

Each location also offers a variety of other gift, balloon and candy options for each budget.

“That’s the really fun thing about Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant,” Sutton said. “It can be a $10 thing that makes somebody’s day.”

All three shops will also offer delivery before and on Valentine’s Day to businesses, schools, residential neighborhoods and out of town.

Cronk is looking forward to a “fun, crazy, busy time” as she gears up for Valentine’s Day.

“I love it. Some of my best work comes out of a stressful time,” she said of designing arrangements.

Though Sutton said they are usually wiped out when the holiday is over.

“It looks like a bomb went off in here when it’s all done,” she said.

The most important thing, Sutton added, is that they all have fun with it.

“That’s what we’re here for,” she said of Valentine’s Day. “It’s not just those moments, but those are the top points of our year and we look forward to these floral holidays.”