A large set of eyeglasses hanging above the door of Adel Vision Clinic marks one of the newest businesses to open in the downtown square.

The clinic, owned by Dr. Barbara Scheetz, opened its doors in early February. She has been an optometrist for 30 years and has a clinic in West Des Moines.

While riding bikes on the Raccoon River Valley Trail with her husband, Scheetz started thinking about adding a clinic in Adel based on the growth they saw.

“I love the downtown square and I just thought it was an opportunity to bring good quality eye care to central Dallas County,” Scheetz said.

She started looking for a location and found the “perfect little store” in 813 Main St.

Currently, Adel Vision Clinic will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A full-time employee will be in the store during the week for people to stop in and pick out eye wear.

Patients will be seen on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. Dr. Luke Bell, a fellow optometrist, will be available on Tuesdays. He also practices in Grimes. Scheetz will be in the clinic on Thursday afternoons.

“When those hours fill up, or we see the need for other hours, then we'll expand for the doctor coverage,” Scheetz said.

She added that they want to be a full-service clinic. In addition to the traditional eye exams, she said they can cover emergency red eyes, treat glaucoma, fit contact lenses and more.

Scheetz wants families and individuals to be able to get the eye care they need right in Adel without having to travel out of town to Waukee or Des Moines.

“Just to stop in and check us out and give us an opportunity,” she said.

Bell and Scheetz are looking forward to meeting more of the community.

“I like really getting to know people, that's definitely a goal of hers and mine,” Bell said. “Genuinely getting to know our patients and figuring what they need and what we can do to help them the best that we can.”