As of March 11, 2019, the City of Dallas Center has a new website. In the past, the City’s website had been managed by Dallas Center resident and volunteer Morrie Bryant of Aztec Signs. However, with the growth of Bryant’s business, the City needed a website where staff could easily make updates and changes instead of requiring the use of a webmaster.

“Our previous site had a lot of information on it, but the new site allows for easier updating and easier searching to find that information,” Dallas Center Mayor Michael Kidd said.

Before implementing the new site, the City first formed a small committee including both staff and council members. This committee then reviewed other governmental websites in search of features and designs that would best fit the needs of Dallas Center. The city clerk’s office gathered feedback from other local cities and after evaluating each vendor, CivicPlus was chosen as the new vendor for the city website.

The new website comes with a variety of new features, including total site searching and a Notify Me feature, which allows residents to be notified when items such as meetings or agendas are updated or changed. In addition to the ability for staff to update content, the site also includes a web design that works with mobile devices.

“Having the site be mobile friendly was on our priority list from the start and after demos with different website companies it became one of the deciding factors in choosing CivicPlus,” Dallas Center Deputy City Clerk Kathy Steele said.

The website includes interactive features such as a “report a pothole” function, where residents can directly report an issue to city hall to be passed to the appropriate department. Residents can also find information regarding not only the city but the county and state government as well.

“There are links to Dallas County government offices that can be helpful in servicing Dallas Center resident’s needs. Also, there are links to state government as well,” Mayor Kidd said.

Coming up in April, the City of Dallas Center hopes to expand the functions of the website by providing residents the opportunity to pay their utility bills online.