The City of De Soto, Iowa is planning an upgrade to their water supply and treatment systems. The City has applied for financial assistance through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan program to build the project. The State Revolving Loan Program is a program authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in partnership with the Iowa Finance Authority.

The water supply for the City of De Soto consists of two shallow wells located along the Raccoon River. The wells are identified as Well No. 3 and Well No. 4. The water treatment facility for the City of De Soto provides chemical addition including chlorine, fluoride, and polyphosphate to sequester iron.

The City of De Soto identified finished water quality as a major concern with respect to its municipal water system. The primary focus of the City is on the hardness of the finished water; issued related to iron and manganese appear to be secondary for the City. The City of De Soto identified deficiencies in their existing water treatment system and needed to improve water quality by improving their water treatment facility.

The proposed project includes construction of a new drinking water treatment plant, a new wastewater force main to convey WTP wastewater to the city’s existing collection system, replacement of a water supply well, mechanical improvements to an existing well and an emergency connection to a rural water supply. Improvements to the entrance of the water treatment plant are also included in the project.

The purpose of this project is to make improvements to the water supply treatment facilities and water supply system to better their reliability, increase capacity and to improve finished water quality to continue to safely and reliably operate the City of De Soto’s water supply system for at least the next 20 years. Positive environmental effects will be maintained or improved water quality for the citizens of De Soto.

The project will not significantly affect the pattern and type of land use or growth and distribution of population. The project will not conflict with local, regional or State land use plans or policies. The project will not displace population, alter the character of existing residential areas, or convert significant farmlands to non agricultural purposes.

The project will not impact wetlands or waters of the United States. The project will not significantly impact the 100 year flood plain. The city has obtained a local flood plain permit from Dallas County will abide by its terms.

No Historic Properties will be adversely affected by the proposed project. The project will not have an effect on parklands, preserves, other public lands, or areas of recognized scenic or recreational value. The project will not affect threatened and endangered species or their habitats.

The project will not have a significant adverse effect upon local ambient air quality provided the applicant takes reasonable precautions to prevent the discharge of visible emissions of fugitive dusts beyond the lot line of the property during the proposed project (567 IAC 23.3(2)“c”).

The project will not have a significant adverse effect upon local ambient noise levels, surface water quantity, groundwater quality or quantity, or water supply.

No significant impact to surface water quality, fish, shellfish, wildlife, or their natural habitats is expected provided that an NPDES General Permit Number 2 (for storm water discharge associated with construction activities) is obtained and the terms of which are abided by.

Minimum separation distances will be maintained. Noise during construction will be maintained at tolerable levels through controls on construction activities. Any construction debris will be removed from the site for proper disposal. Adverse environmental effects from construction activities will be minimized with proper construction practices, inspection, prompt clean up and other appropriate measures. Areas temporarily disturbed by the construction will be restored.

It has been determined that the proposed action will result in no significant impacts to the surrounding environment. This determination is based on a careful review of the engineering report, the environmental assessment and other supporting date which are on file at the Department of Natural Resource’s office in Des Moines. These are available for public review upon request. Persons disagreeing with the above environmental decision may submit comments to the department during this period. Please direct your comments to or 515-725-0261.