For Adriana Jimenez, the opportunity to join Girl Scouts first came about when she started school.

“I was in kindergarten and they were passing around papers advertising Girl Scouts. I thought Girl Scouts was awesome. I took it home and begged my mom until she said yes,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez joined a local troop while she was in kindergarten. However, after the struggle to keep a troop leader, Jimenez would later make the decision to continue Girl Scouts as a Juliette, a registered scout not affiliated with a troop.

“We talked about not doing it after that but she loved it so much. We decided to just do it with her and her two brothers which was perfect because we could do it as a family,” Jimenez's mother, Kristine, said.

Since starting Girl Scouts, Jimenez has not only earned numerous badges and fun patches but has also learned a variety of life skills. Her mother noted that badges are specific to the Girl Scout curriculum while Fun Patches are more like a scrapbook of things the Girl Scout has done.

Jimenez credits the nature and art badges as some of her favorites earned. She also noted that the dance and the Gimme S'more Mud Run were some of her favorite fun patches earned.

“I really liked the nature one and the art one because I love art and I love nature. I also really like the dance one because at camp my dad actually came and played music because he used to be a DJ,” Jimenez said.

Today, as a Junior Girl Scout, Jimenez is working towards completing a bronze project, a project where she works together with other scouts in order to make a difference or lasting impact in the community around them. In order to complete this project, Jimenez searched for a nearby troop that had a similar goal to give back to the community. Jimenez noted that it was this similar goal that drew her to her current troop based out of Adel.

Jimenez first started selling large quantities of Girl Scout Cookies in order to help fund trips to camps, participate in other programs, and earn technology prizes. Each year, Jimenez would set goals for the amount of cookies to sell. As she reached her goals, she began to realize she could challenge herself even more.

“I really thought it would be cool to sell as much as I could and then I realized it was actually possible to be the top seller,” Jimenez said. “This year I decided to go above and beyond and I set goals along the way. My goal was to sell 400 in the first day which I did and then my overall goal was 2,000.”

Jimenez noted that becoming the top seller was not like working towards other goals. Unless learned through the grapevine, Girl Scouts are unaware of how many boxes others have sold or where the current top seller stands, making it a difficult goal to obtain.

“She had heard someone sold more than her and she was upset but when she woke up the next morning she said 'I'm not going to quit',” Adriana's mother said. “It's not [that] all girls selling cookies [hope] to win. She doesn't want to be the best. She just wanted to meet her goal.”

Although Jimenez was not awarded the top seller, in the end, she did manage to reach her selling goals, despite the changing Iowa weather. Jimenez even recounted an instance when she put her wagon on two sleds in order to overcome the huge mounds of snow and make it to her cookie destination and cookie booth.

“Cookie sells have grown her in so many ways, especially confidence,” Jimenez's mother said.

Jimenez also noted that there were days when she had the opportunity to sell cookies but didn't feel like it. However, it was moments such as these that taught Jimenez some of those valuable life lessons.

“It taught me that sometimes to reach your goals, you have to have sacrifice,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez sold over 3,500 boxes of cookies by the end of the selling season. She came in second overall in the state of Iowa, earning a trip to Adventurland this summer. Jimenez will also chose to put her cookie sells towards “cookie dough,” a credit scouts can use to pay for activities and supplies associated with Girl Scouts. Jimenez has decided to use this “cookie dough” to put towards an official Girl Scout trip to Europe coming up in 2021.

When not participating in Girl Scouts, Jimenez is involved in a variety of local activities, including soccer, piano, and church. She also enjoys eating the Peanut Butter Patties and the Lemonades cookies.

Coming up, Jimenez is working with her troop based out of Adel to bring Pet Blessing Boxes to both the Adel and Dallas Center areas. These boxes will contain items for pets such as food, toys, supplies and more.