After several years without holiday decorations, Dennis Leininger has put together a fundraising campaign to help provide wreaths and garland for the Adel town square.

“I grew up here and I really love Adel and what it provided for me. I heard a lot of people in the community comment ‘It’s too bad we don’t have decorations anymore.’ I came into this year knowing that this might be a project that I would tackle,” Leininger said.

In order to kick off the project, Leininger first counted the lamp posts and reviewed several different vendors, looking for a product that was cost effective, light weight, durable and could store well.

Then, with support from Tana Belgarde and Lynn Loynachan, Leininger brainstormed a plan in order to raise approximately $15,000 to cover the cost of the new decorations. This includes the wreaths and garlands themselves, the materials needed to install them, and spare decorations in case one should break or become worn over the years.

In addition, Leininger will also purchase colored plaques to be hung with the decorations in honor of contributors who have donated at different levels ($350 for Red, $1,000 for Silver and $2,000 for Gold).

“It is great to see the community taking pride in showcasing our beautiful square and downtown with contributions to this project. We are all better together,” Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce President Deb Bengtson said.

Leininger has already received donations from numerous organizations such as the Adel Lions Club.

“Our Lions Club is always looking for opportunities to support our community. When Dennis Leininger came to our club meeting to ask for help with the Christmas wreath project, we were excited to be a part of it. Dennis’ project will go a long way to bringing back those good old ‘Hometown’ feelings and put a smile on the faces of our residents and those coming to visit,” Adel Lions Club Member Jon McAvoy said.

In addition, Leininger also personally matched the donations received from the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club and the Adel Chamber of Commerce.

“The Adel Partners Chamber is very excited that Dennis Leininger, our 2017 Citizen of the Year, has taken on this project. We have heard for many years that we need to make downtown more festive for the holidays. These wreaths and garland on the light poles will create a holiday feel to kick off the holidays,” Bengston said.

The holiday decorations will be hung on the lamp posts surrounding the Adel square. Leininger also mentioned that if this project is well received, and the community shows interest in enhancing or expanding the decor, he would be open to help getting that project off the ground as well.

“I just wanted to get things started and get to this point. It creates a little spirit, a little bit of pride, a little fellowship and hopefully it will be good for the businesses in Adel,” Leininger said.

Leininger hopes to raise all the funds needed to purchase the decorations by July 1. This will allow all the materials to be received by September and the decorations to be installed by November just in time for the holiday season.

“The civic groups and all the people I’ve done presentations for have been incredibly acceptive, helpful and positive. I’m very proud of our town. These are really phenomenal people that want good things for Adel,” Leininger said.