Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 25 for a special election. The election is for a $15,750,000 bond for the construction of a new elementary building for the ADM School District.

The ADM Board of Directors passed a resolution ordering a special election on April 8, 2019. A Yes vote of 60 percent is required for the measure to pass during the June 25 special election.

Members of the ADM School District and ADM Board of Directors have shared information related to the bond and the special election during a pair of public forums. The district also has a bond website that provides more information and answers commonly asked questions.

“We’ve had several years of increasing enrollment,” Superintendent Greg Dufoe said of the district’s need for a new elementary. “We really go back to a bond issue that we had in February of 2014 due to growth at that point in time and those projects were additions to all four of our existing campuses. All of those have been completed and growth has continued.”

Another planning process was started over a year ago. Dufoe said the master planning committee recommended building a new elementary school that would include grades second, third and fourth.

The school board accepted that recommendation and work started on the June 25 bond issue.

“The bond issue is $15,750,000 to build a new elementary that would have a capacity of around 650 students,” Dufoe said. “We feel like that number will allow us to meet the projected enrollment into the future and also allow us to have available capacity at our other buildings.”

If the bond passes, Dufoe added that the construction of a new elementary would be a fairly long-term solution to the projected growth in the district. He said the district will continue to monitor enrollment and make adjustments as needed.

“We feel like we got really good recommendations from our planning committees, and this recommendation to build a new elementary is again one of those,” Dufoe said.

The ADM Board of Education approved the purchase agreement for the site of the proposed elementary building on May 31. The 49-acre site is located just west of 15th Street in Adel and northwest of the Adel Family Aquatic Center.

“The board felt really strongly that this was a great location for a new school. It’s close to a developed neighborhood, so we’ll have students be able to walk and be in close proximity to a new school,” Dufoe said.

He added that locations off of Highway 169 were analyzed, but high traffic and uncertainty in future updates to the highway prompted the board to look at other sites.

“We were also able to purchase more acres than the elementary will need and the board felt like that’s a positive,” Dufoe said of future land needs for the district.

The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25.

Registered resident voters can vote at any of the following three polling locations regardless of where they live:Adel Public Library | 303 S. 10th Street, AdelUnited Methodist Church | 421 Dallas Street, DeSotoUnited Methodist Church | 705 Chestnut Street, Minburn

“It’s a really exciting time. We’re really proud of the achievements of our students and we have great staff,” Dufoe said. “This is just a great time to be part of ADM schools and this is just representative of the exciting time that exists for ADM.”