Over 1,000 voters checked the ‘yes’ box on the ADM Community School District’s bond referendum during the June 25 special election.

“We did anticipate a strong turnout, but I think that turnout was even more than we anticipated,” ADM Superintendent Greg Dufoe said. “To have over 1,400 people vote was tremendous.”

Unofficial results show the referendum passed with 80.01 percent. The bond measure needed 60 percent to pass. The election was for a $15,750,000 bond for the construction of a new elementary building for the ADM School District.

A total of 1,401 votes were cast during the June 25 special election. Unofficial numbers show 787 voted yes and 180 voted no at the Adel Public Library. In De Soto, 73 voted yes while 33 voted no. Minburn saw 261 vote yes while 67 voted no. The numbers will become official after the July 2 Dallas County Board of Supervisors meeting.

“I’m really grateful for the level of engagement that that number represents,” Dufoe said of the 1,401 votes. “This is a big decision and we want to involve our community in that process.”

He added that he was proud of community members for becoming informed about the bond process. The bond campaign was intended to get information out and engage with the public and Dufoe said the campaign did just that.

Dufoe is also proud of the 80 percent approval of the bond referendum as it shows strong support for the construction of a 650-capacity building for second through fourth grade students.

“We had a large master planning committee that studied our enrollment and developed this recommendation to our school board. We took that and moved ahead with the bond campaign,” Dufoe said. “It represents really strong planning and positions us well for the future.”

Now work will move deeper into the planning and design of the new elementary building. The district plans to put the project out to bid in late fall and award the bid in early winter. Construction is anticipated to be complete by August of 2021.

“Today we’re just really excited about the results and the really strong voter turnout,” Dufoe said. “Now we’ll turn our attention to the next phase.”