The Grimes Menards officially opened its doors on July 2. Located at 300 NE Destination Drive, the new location carries over 10,000 additional products and has a larger format than previous stores opened throughout the metro area. The store also boasts over 200,000 square feet indoors, almost 400,000 square feet including the outside yard and promises to be as guest friendly as possible.

“Just the general layout and where we are situated and the way our lumberyard is set up is very user friendly whether it’s a contractor or do it yourself,” Grimes Menards General Manager Adam Bohlen said, “I just think we are able to assist guests with a multitude of projects, and the product selection will allow customers to take care of more project needs.”

Bohlen noted that the national chain chose the Grimes area as one of their new locations because the Des Moines Metro is one of its busiest areas for the company in Iowa. As a family owned organization that strives to make strong relationships throughout the local communities, he also credits Grimes as being a welcoming community with a warm reception.

“Grimes has been more than gracious and has accepted us with arms wide open. I worked at the Altoona location several years ago. Knowing the market, how awesome it is to be near Des Moines, and the community of Grimes, it was a great opportunity both professionally and personally,” Bohlen said.

As the first tenant in the Destination Market Development, an area of Grimes zoned for commercial development, Menards is also expected to benefit the Grimes community as well. Grimes Chamber and Economic Development President and CEO Brian Buethe noted that the store is not only expected to attract other amenities to the community but also jobs and commerce.

“As the Chamber of Commerce, we are glad to have them in Grimes. Jobs and commerce are important to our growing community,” Buethe said.

To celebrate their new opening, Menards hosted a week long grand opening event from July 14 through July 20. The event included a chainsaw carver on sight, the Jack Link’s Sasquatch, the Paul Menard’s #21 Racecar, Sasquatch’s Woodchopper Car, Owens Corning’s Pink Panther and numerous daily drawings.

“We really pride ourselves on being very involved with the community. We jump at the opportunities of making relationships with the community,” Bohlen said.

Menards’ board cutting ceremony took place on July 1. In addition, the store currently operates from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays.