Bryce Smith is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the 61-year-old facility of the Adel Family Fun Center.

“It’s a never-ending cycle,” the owner said with a smile.

The bowling center, located at 1526 Greene St., recently completed its latest remodel. While the original lanes of the building are still in place, Smith said everything between them has been replaced.

“All the capping, which is what you see that connects all the lanes, the gutters, which are the parts you don’t necessarily want to roll the ball into, and also the bumpers,” Smith said of some of the updates.

Foul lights and some machine upgrades were also updated over the past month.

The biggest part of the remodel, Smith said, is the bumper system. While the center had bumpers before, the system is now automatic.

“What’s kind of unique is we partnered with a company that does this all around the world and we’re the first bowling alley in Iowa to have this kind of bumper system,” Smith said.

“These bumpers are a little more interactive. When you hit them, they actually kind of slingshot the ball into the lane. They look a little flimsy, but they’re meant to be that way,” Smith said.

Automatic bumpers are something Smith said they have received a number of questions about. Now, they can check a box and the bumpers will go up and down just for the kids, or whoever requests it.

Smith added that he likes to continue looking at ways to improve the business.

“We want to remain the hometown bowling center that people remember, but we want to incorporate the new technology, new ideas, new concepts so that people want to keep coming back and seeing new things, enjoying their time bowling with their family or bowling leagues,” Smith said.

Last year, he said they redid the restrooms, painted everything inside the building and added a new air conditioner.

The updates continued this year with a redesigned bar area. Smith said they received some original bowling lanes for the former Dallas Center bowling center. The lanes were repurposed and used for the tops of the table and bar.

Bowling memorabilia was also installed on the walls and in the bar area. The bar and dining area renovations took place over the past year and were finished earlier this summer.

Smith enjoys seeing community members and area residents continue to bowl at the Adel Family Fun Center.

“It’s nice to see that people are supporting us, because while nothing is really new about the sport of bowling, it’s always that activity that just about anyone can participate in,” Smith said.

The Adel Family Fun Center offers open bowling throughout the summer, youth leagues, adult leagues, senior leagues and more. The center can also be used for birthday parties, company parties and more.

Smith has been at the center for five years and served as the owner for the past three of those years.

“It’s a blessing and it’s a lot of work, but it’s really fun and it’s paying off. I see that in how the community treats us and welcomes us and comes back to us,” he said.

He wants to give back to the community by reinvesting in the facility and donating to various causes.

“All in all, it’s a great partnership to have and it’s a partnership we have to have to keep that small town business operating and evolved and helping those around them,” Smith said.