They saved the best for last.

“As we are the last county of 100, out of 99 counties, 100 offices, we’re the last to turn 100 years because we’re the best, right? Can I hear it? Is Dallas County the best?” Jeff Jackson asked the crowd gathered at the Main Stage in Adel on Saturday, Aug. 10. Jackson is the executive director for Dallas County ISU Exentsion and Outreach.

The Dallas County office is the 100th office to reach that milestone. While Iowa has 99 counties, Pottawattamie County is split into two extension offices.

The Dallas County ISU Extension celebrated its 100th birthday during the Adel Sweet Corn Festival.

To kick off the celebration, CY (ISU’s mascot) and Dr. John Lawrence rode in the Adel Sweet Corn Festival Parade.

Dr. John Lawrence is Iowa State University Vice President for Extension and Outreach. He is a professor of economics and has served Iowa State University since 1991.

A special presentation was then held at 12:30 p.m. on the Main Stage during the Adel Sweet Corn Festival. Jackson, along with extension staff and council members, were joined on stage by CY and Lawrence.

“On behalf of the council, we are more than proud to be here to celebrate an amazing extension staff and an organization that has been here, executing 100 years of Iowa State research on education and training,” said Brent Schwenneker, chair of the county extension council.

He added that while many know the county extension office is housed on the Dallas County Fairgrounds, many think the office only covers the 4-H program.

Schwenneker added that the county extension office also houses a number of other programs. Those programs include health and well-being, economic development programming, ag and natural resources, as well as the 4-H program.

The extension partners with a number of other agencies and groups, including parents, childcare providers, city officials, farmers and more in order to provide programming across the county.

“We are very firm believers in partnerships,” Jackson said.

Four of the extension partners were on hand to present plaques during the celebration. Chamber representatives from Adel, Grimes, Perry and Waukee congratulated the extension on reaching 100 years.

“If we’re going to last another 100 years, we need to make that impact together,” Jackson said.

Jackson thanked those gathered for the celebration.

“We wanted to send the message that extension is everywhere in Dallas County,” he said. “We are in all corners of the county and we’re always here to help and partner with you.”