The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office received a $5,000 grant from The Dallas County Foundation during a program on April 30. The sheriff’s office was able to use the funds to purchase nine ballistic vests for deputies serving on the reserve program.

The reserve program is made up of professional volunteers from around the county that have successfully graduated a reserve peace officer’s certification program outlined by the state of Iowa. Each of the reserves are required to provide eight hours minimum service to the county per month. That service could be additional patrol cars at busy times of the day, school patrol for the communities without law enforcement services or helping out with weekend community events. This grant has allowed nine of the 11 reserves to upgrade their body armor to a more lightweight vest allowing for better security and movement for the reserve deputy.

“A special thanks to the foundation for believing and supporting the program with the grant funds and also to the active Dallas County Reserves currently serving,” Sheriff Chad Leonard said. “Your honorable dedication to the county and to the reserve program is appreciated.”