The Dallas Center Fall Festival and Sesquicentennial Events came to a close this past Sunday with a historical tour. The tour, which began at Mound Park at 2 p.m., consisted of approximately 26 landmarks and covered over 150 years of the town’s history. Additional tours were also added throughout the afternoon based on a sizable amount of attendance from both the local community and those visiting Dallas Center.

In honor of the town’s birthday, the tour was led by Wayne Haines of Dallas Center and provided a unique way of revisiting past milestones. After boarding a school bus, attendees first visited both the old depot where the railroad first came through town in 1869 and the part of town that was once deemed “Little Ireland.”

Other sites included Adolph Labor’s Tailor Shop built in 1912, the memorial marker for the first school built in 1874, and the only building remaining on the North side after the 1901 fire, the old Citizen’s Savings Bank.

Haines also highlighted the location of the first Hy-Line chickens in Dallas Center along with the original location of the Brenton Bank. The tour concluded with the viewing of the site of the 1871 Doctor’s Office. The local doctor’s office remained at this site until a new office was built by Dr. Lister back in 1986 prior to his retirement, and is now staffed by Dr. McHose.

Each attendee was also provided a handout highlighting every landmark on the tour and the history behind each site. Those handouts will also be available at the library throughout the week for those interested in going on a self guided tour of the history of Dallas Center.