Growing up on an Iowa cattle ranch, Adel filmmaker Colleen Krantz found her childhood experiences the perfect inspiration for her new television project “Complete Bull.”

“My dad studied animal science when he was in college and wanted to stay ahead in genetics and what not. I felt there was a lot of room to explore not only the humor but the push and pull the next generation always feels when they decide what career path to take,” Krantz said.

Krantz first studied journalism at Iowa State University and worked at newspapers around the Midwest before making the transition into the film industry. She would then relocate to Adel where she currently owns and operates Pink Spear Productions.

“I love how, although, Adel is growing, we have managed to hold on to that small town feel and friendliness. Iowa, in general, truly is a more joyful place to live and work than other places I have lived. You notice a difference in how people act even just in a simple traffic backup,” Krantz said.

For Krantz, working as a filmmaker from Iowa has both its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the cost of production can be more reasonable outside of the larger cities. Locations and people are also more flexible about accommodating the filmmaker. But living outside the large cities makes it difficult to network, and Krantz often relies on her agent to make those important connections for her.

“The downside is that you don’t have the same opportunity to rub elbows with those who are making decisions at networks and streaming outlets. So, I often have to rely on my agent in Los Angeles to make those connections on my behalf,” Krantz said.

“Complete Bull,” which centers around a young woman trying to make her way in the world of modern agriculture, will be Krantz’s fourth major production and first fictional piece. In order to help kick start the series, Krantz has recently been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

“What I really liked about Colleen’s project is that it was authentic. I knew Colleen had grown up in the cattle industry here in Iowa, and that she works on the successful ‘Market to Market’ agricultural show on IPTV,” Produce Iowa Executive Producer Liz Gilman said. “It’s great to see an Iowan share their story. And, I was also glad to see a female filmmaker rise to the top.”

The newly formed Greenlight Grants can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 and work to support homegrown Iowa stories. Applicants such as Krantz must be a legal resident of Iowa. The grant also requires a 1-1 match by no later than Sept. 18, 2019. In addition, none of the grant or matching funds can be used to pay for production or post-production costs outside of the state of Iowa.

“Content is in huge demand from corporations like Netflix, Apple, Amazon and so forth. It would be amazing to see a story about a woman who lives in Iowa in the modern era of agriculture become incorporated on one of these platforms for the world to see,” Gilman said.

After using the funds from the grant to create a proof of concept pilot for “Complete Bull,” Krantz’s hope is to pitch her television series for further development and distribution. Once her project is complete, Krantz would also like to continue producing and writing both feature-length films and episodic content.

“I would like to continue producing and writing both fiction and nonfiction. I would like to show that you can build a career in the industry, even in the middle of the Midwest,” Krantz said.

Those interested in contributing to Krantz’s project, “Complete Bull,” can contact her at