The City of Waukee plans to open its new Westown Meadows Park Playground later this month. The park, which is located just East of South Middle School, is one of the city's three new parks to have opened this year, and is funded by the one-cent local option sales tax passed in November 2017.

“I think that the thing we like to talk about is that [opening these parks] is showing the progress that we said we would make to improve new parks and existing parks with the local option sales tax,” Waukee Parks and Recreation Director Matt Jermier said.

In addition to a new playground, the 4.9 acre park will offer an open green space, a shade structure with a picnic table and restrooms. The park will also open a water play feature next year, which will consist of about three nozzles to help children cool down throughout the warmer months.

“Green space is a premium here in Waukee, and the water play feature is an opportunity for kids playing outside in the middle of summer to cool off,” Jermier said. “They are still working on completing some work. As soon as I can make sure that the park is safe without any big equipment running around, the playground area will open up.”

The Westown Meadows Park is located at 2445 SE Willowbrook Drive and plans to host a ribbon cutting event in the spring of 2020. The Parks and Recreation Department also plans to open two new parks next year and are currently working with the Waukee Betterment Foundation to open a Miracle League Park in 2022.