Do your children ever catch the case of the wiggles?

Megan Cline, local author of “Winston Wiggles,” focuses on helping children relax before bedtime. Cline’s son was the inspiration of this story, as he is a child that struggles with sleeping.

Cline feels all of her books have positive messages for children. In “Winston Wiggles,” Winston is here to help with a new bedtime routine.

“My hope is that everyone can gain from these messages, whether it be a reminder or a conversation starter for a family,” said Cline.

Cline, from Minburn, volunteers with the Minburn Public Library, Minburn Community Betterment Group and the Dallas County Foundation. She is also the mother to a little boy and wife to her husband, Chris. Since December of 2018, she is an established local author and writer.

Cline makes writing an important part of her daily life. She explained that writing can happen almost anywhere.

“I have written stories in coffee shops, in the car waiting for my son to get out of school, in my bed at night when I can’t sleep. My favorite place to write is in our tree house,” said Cline.

Cline started her publishing journey back in 2018, when her first book, “Winston Winks”, was released. She quickly published her second book, “Winston Wiggles,” in July, 2019. Cline enjoys the writing and creative process so much, that she is finishing up publishing her third book, “Winston’s Wet.”

“Winston Winks” is about persistence. Winston, a little wombat, wants to learn how to wink, but he learns that it takes practice.

“Winston Wiggles” is a story about Winston getting so excited about his trip to the science center, he cannot contain his energy.

“We all get excited and anxious. I hope to help children and families with some simple calming tips in the story,” said Cline.

For Cline’s family, establishing a consistent bedtime routine, having an early bedtime, and doing something calming before bed has worked well.

“Winston’s Wet” will remain a surprise, but Cline states, “It’s not what you think it’s about.”

Cline has a big goal for her book series in 2020.

“My mother was a children’s librarian for the Roy R. Estle Memorial Library, in Dallas Center. Children’s books have been a huge part of our lives. In her honor, I would really like to get my books in all 50 States. My goal is to contact a library in each State and donate a set of my books,” said Cline.

Cline’s next event will be at the Adel Public Library’s Craft Show and Book Fair on Dec. 6 where she will be selling and signing books from 2 to 5 p.m. The event is part of Adel’s Sip and Sample event.

If you would like to purchase any of the Winston books, they are available at the Adel HealthMart, Ben’s Five and Dime in Perry, Barnes and Noble at the Jordan Creek Mall. Online, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the FriesenPress bookstore. If you are interested in a signed copy, you can contact Megan Cline on her website,