Another Democratic caucus in the books and another strong showing from local residents in Adel on Monday, Feb. 3.

“It was an amazing turnout tonight,” Precinct Captain Wayne Reisetter said. “We had great participation tonight with a lot of passionate people.”

The Adams and Adel 2 precincts both saw high turnout from local residents at Grace Lutheran Church. The Adel 2 precinct had the larger turnout of the two with 192 people registered. In the Adams precinct, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg each earned one delegate while the Adel 2 precinct had four candidates earn one delegate each in former Vice President Joe Biden, Buttigieg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Feb. 3 caucus drew first-time caucus-goers, as well as veterans. One aspect that seemed to be on the minds of several caucus voters included candidates’ connections to the younger crowd.

“One thing that is important to me as someone from a younger generation is to have someone in the White House who can represent us and our future and someone who will truly be part of the consequences that we face now,” said Elise Wagener, who was supporting Buttigieg.

Others, like caucus veteran Chuck Varcoe, were supporting Sanders in his third trip to the caucuses.

“I’d prefer to think of myself as a progressive liberal,” said Varcoe. “I’m not too wild about the middle of the road stuff. Middle of the road has lost too much, I think it’s time for a change.”

Change is exactly what sparked the interest of Elizabeth Warren for another first-time caucus attendee in Tayler Todd.

“I agree with most of her policy changes but her personality was great from the start and made me like her,” Todd said. “I did consider myself a republican 10 years ago and after I decided I liked her, and then I learned that she used to be one as well. She ended up changing her party because of her views and I thought that had a lot of similarity with me.”

Fighting for the working class was another big aspect that floated around both precincts and was a major factor for 20-year Iowa resident John Donovan, who entered his third caucus and in support of Elizabeth Warren.

“All the candidates are great but deep down, I think she (Warren) has the interest of the working people in mind all the time and I’ve thought that way about her for a long time,” said Donovan.

The personality factor is what had several voters interested in Pete Buttigieg as well, including Margo Soloman-Swanson, who was attending her fourth caucus.

“I like his military experience and he has a cool head which I appreciate in these times,” said Soloman-Swanson. “I like his stance on education too.”

Keep watching for more caucus results at and in the Feb. 6 Dallas County News.