DES MOINES – Sen. Jake Chapman, R-Adel, announced his bid for another term in the Iowa Senate for District 10 on Monday, March 2.

Currently, Senator Chapman is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He also serves on the Commerce, Judiciary, Rules & Administration and State Government committees. Additionally, Chapman serves on the leadership team as Assistant-Majority Leader.

“These last few years have been crucial for our state as we cut taxes for hard-working Iowans and pass legislation to improve the quality of life for Iowans,” said Sen. Chapman. “I am proud of what we have accomplished, and I look forward to finding more ways we can simplify the tax code and give more of money back to the people who earned it.”

“It has been an honor to represent the people of Iowa and specifically the 10th district. Together, we will build upon our successes and continue to make Iowa the best state to live, work, and raise a family.”

Born and raised in Adel, Chapman has always enjoyed living in a small community. Chapman has worked in various capacities for his family’s owned businesses. He has served as the director of business development, director of operations, and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. Chapman is also an EMT.

He and his wife, Jennifer Moore, are the proud parents of five beautiful children: Isaac, Leah, Adam, Jared and Caleb.