COVID-19, along with the rain on Saturday, didn’t stop area towns from celebrating Easter.

Dallas Center hosted a parade with the Easter Bunny to help bring smiles to the community, said Susan Collins of Dallas Center Seasonal Fun Committee.

“The annual Easter Egg Hunt is the first community celebration of the year and has been happening for almost 40 years,” Collins said. “With current restrictions on gatherings, it is important our residents are still able to connect and celebrate spring.”

In addition, Dallas Center will host a Visual Easter Egg Hunt in lieu of the traditional egg hunt which has been canceled. This hunt, which started on April 10, is a continuation of other virtual scavenger hunts that the town has hosted since the beginning of social distancing. As part of the virtual egg hunt, the committee has asked community members to hang decorations on their windows, doorsteps, or porches for Easter. Participants can then walk or drive around town in search of the decorations as well as post photos to the Seasonal Fun Committee’s Facebook Event Page.

In Minburn, the public library hosted an Easter Bunny Parade on April 11. With the help of the Minburn Fire Department, the Easter Bunny rode through town and waved to families.

Minburn Public Library Director Nicole Connick said that the parade was a way to allow community members to feel like they are a part of something while maintaining social distancing. She also said that the parade was needed now more than ever and is just one of the many things the library does to help hold the community together.

“I could never do it alone. I have a great Library Board President, as well as Trustees that are always helping out with ideas, and great Patrons that love to share thoughts and appreciation for all we do,” Connick said.