As the owner and operator of Align Chiropractic, Dr. Shane Bradley has wanted to start the new Live Healthy Van Meter Facebook Group for quite some time. The main concept of the group is focused around anti-fragility, with a hope to provide free easy access to valuable and accurate information that is all located in one place.

“One thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a lot of information at our fingertips but it’s difficult to sort through all of it to find value,” Bradley said. “I’m hoping the information speaks for itself and there is enough value to nudge people to share it.”

Since its inception at the end of March, The Live Healthy Van Meter Group has already received just over 60 members. Although Bradley’s clinic is currently located in Van Meter, he hopes that the Facebook group will not only be resourceful for the local community but for other surrounding communities as well.

“The same concepts that help us deal with COVID-19 also help us get better outcomes from other chronic diseases,” Bradley said. “My hope is that we develop ourselves to be anti-fragile going forward. This group is designed to help with that.”

Bradley said that when something is put under stress it can either break down if it’s fragile, return to its original form after the stress is gone if it’s robust, or become stronger by overcoming the stress if it’s anti-fragile.

He also said that a lot of times it takes a big health scare for people to change habits and that this is a time of uncertainty around health and people are looking for answers.

“In the current time, an ounce of prevention is probably worth even more than a pound of cure,” Bradley said. “Some brilliant people are working long hours to find whatever intervention they can to help patients infected with COVID-19. Our job is to avoid exposure in our external environment while building an anti-fragile internal environment.”

Coming up, Bradley plans to host an interview series with other community members outside his speciality. His hope is to defer to their expertise in areas that are valuable to the health of the group.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day negative in the news and on social media,” Bradley said. “I’d encourage everyone to focus on the good happening in the world, especially during times of high stress and turmoil.”