The Herrick family felt that during quarantine and social distancing, it was the perfect time to bring home a new puppy. This is the Herrick’s second dog. They had to say goodbye to their Shih Tzu named Baylie, around three years ago.

Sarah, along with her husband Nick and their three children Addi, 13, Peyton, 10, Brody, 6, brought home their new puppy on March 29. Millie is an 8-week-old mini goldendoodle from Puppy Paws 2 Love.

“To be honest, with all the restrictions with COVID-19 and the extra time at home, we felt this was a great time to add a puppy to our family,” Herrick said.

The family is usually very busy with sports and aren’t home very much. They are hoping that by the time things get back to normal, the puppy will be well-trained and socialized. They will then be able to bring Millie with them when they are away from home.

“Millie is learning quickly and we are learning to be very attentive to her needs,” Herrick said. “We are feeling confident that with time and diligence, she will be a well-behaved dog. She’s still pretty young and definitely acts her age!”

Millie fits in nicely into the Herrick family. Right now, their days consist of at-home learning and Herrick is busy preparing learning opportunities for her own ADM students. They also spend a lot of time outdoors.

“We’ve taken advantage of nice days and have been either going for walks or heading out to area parks and nature reserves to explore our region and learn about our world,” Herrick said. “Millie joins us for these adventures and has done pretty well with it.”

Herrick feels that having a new puppy in the house feels like bringing home a new baby, but it has been a great experience for them to tackle as a family.

“It’s been nice to see my kids all take responsibility with her,” Herrick said. I was nervous that they would lose interest, but they’ve been great. It really has taught me that they can handle more as they’ve grown older.”

For right now, Millie is having fun playing with everything and snuggling with her family members. Her favorite things to play with are shoes, rawhide sticks and her stuffed puppy. She’s very much in the chewing stage.

“She definitely keeps us busy and helps to take the focus off all the other stuff happening in our world right now,” said Herrick.