As the calendar turned towards the month of May, the Dallas Center-Grimes High School community came together one more time amid the COVID-19 virus.

People from all over the community participated in the farewell drive-thru held on the grounds of DC-G High School in Grimes. It was a loop through the parking lot as the high school football field lights cast a light on an empty field. It may have been just a simple loop but the impact had by the event was so much more.

“High schools sometimes are a huge part of the identity of a community and so to have something like this is really therapeutic to pretty much the whole DC-G community,” said DC-G football coach Scott Heitland.

The event itself gave quite a lot back to the students, teachers and families of DC-G High School but there was one thing, in particular, that was the biggest focal point.

“Things really felt unfinished,” said DC-G history teacher Heather Every. “With everything happening so quickly, we weren’t able to say the things we normally would on the last day of school and this helped provide that.”

Students and families continued to roll through starting at 8 p.m. all the way to nearly 9 p.m.

“The turnout was very strong here tonight and I think it all starts with the staff showing up,” said Heitland. “It all starts with our principle and ultimately I don’t think I could’ve predicted the number of people who showed up.”

The overall event went pretty smoothly thanks to Heitland and DC-G activities director Brent Buttjer. It was the very community that helped spur on the event in the first place.

“Mr. Buttjer and I were standing out at the stadium a week ago with the lights and watching the smiles and joy that came on people’s faces as they drove by was great to see,” began Heitland. “We started talking about having 10 coaches here one night and 10 another night. We eventually came to have an event like this which can be beneficial for everyone.”

The thought itself was accepted almost as soon as it was spoken.

“It was an immediate yes as soon as Mr. Heitland brought it to our attention,” said Every. “The opportunity to have some closure was something we couldn’t say no to. It was so great to see some of the seniors and wish them the best going forward.”

It was an event that brought plenty of smiles and was an event that Heitland and every staff member was glad to be apart of.

“The school means so much to so many people and for us as teachers, it’s part of our very fabric, it’s what we love,” Heitland said. “This allowed us to have one last taste of that for the school year.”

DC-G will still contribute to the Light It Up campaign with the football stadium lights on throughout the course of what would be the regular school season.