A passion for baking led Taylor Zemansky to turn her hobby into an official in-home bakery on January 1, 2020.

“I was finding every reason to make a baked good or decorate a cake or cookies,” Zemansky said. “I would spend countless hours taking classes or watching tutorials on how to achieve a certain look, and eventually with the support of my husband and family, decided that it was time to open an official in-home bakery.”

The Zemansky family moved to Adel in February to raise their kids in a town with a strong sense of community. Third Shift Cookies, Cakes, and More specializes in decorated sugar cookies, cakes, pies and cheesecakes.

“I picked the name Third Shift as it represented the time of day when I was baking,” Zemansky said. “The first two shifts are my full-time day job and being a mother to my two daughters.”

Zemansky graduated with a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Drake University. She currently works at Principal in Disability Insurance Sales.

To honor mothers for Mother’s Day, Zemansky did a giveaway on Facebook. People entered by tagging a friend, family member, etc. to try to win Mother’s Day cookies. Rachael McDaniel and her friend Susan Hannam were this year’s winners and each received a dozen Mother’s Day cookies to enjoy.

“We are also having a Mother’s Day pre-sale for anyone looking to get cookies for Sunday,” Zemansky said.

Zemansky likes the challenge of coming up with new designs and treats to help make special occasions that much sweeter.

“If you have a craving or special design in mind, don’t hesitate to ask and I’d love to create it with you,” Zemansky said.

For custom orders, she works with the client, one-on-one, to design a set of cookies or a cake to match the theme or style they are desiring.

“Most clients tend to give me creative freedom with an underlying theme,” Zemansky said.

For holiday pre-sales, she will design a few options for clients to pick from. She generally posts the options about a week ahead of the holiday on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Third Shift Cookies, Cakes, and More operates by appointment only. All orders are picked up from her home on an agreed upon date. Zemansky’s home is located off of Main Street in Adel.

The impact of COVID-19 hasn’t been substantial for Zemansky, but there have been some changes. Zemansky is now receiving smaller and more frequent orders.

“A dozen of cookies is easy for a friend to drop off as a social distancing birthday gift,” Zemansky said. “The way my clients pick up their order has remained the same with a front porch pick up.”

Over the past few years, Zemansky has received positive feedback from friends, family and customers. To contact Third Shift Cookies, Cakes, and More, email Zemansky at third.shiftccm@gmail.com.

“I bring a lot of passion to my designs,” Zemansky said. “It’s just something I love doing, which is why I make so much time for it, even as a busy mom with a full-time job.”