Dallas County Hospital and Family Medicine Clinics follows CDC guidelines for the protection of its staff, its patients and their families during the current health emergency. The Dallas County community can be proactive in this regard by wearing face masks at all times when outside the home.

Dallas County Hospital and Family Medicine Clinics has taken many precautions as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. The safety of our patients, community and staff is our highest priority. Extra precautions that have been put into place include wearing proper Personal Protection Equipment in patient care, screening every individual for symptoms upon entering the facilities, scheduling necessary well visits during half of the day in the clinics, spacing patients in the waiting room, seeing potentially infectious patients and well patients in separate parts of our facilities, implementing Virtual Visit capabilities and canceling the Sick Kids Clinic until visitor restrictions are lifted.

“We continue to ask for handsewn masks and are giving those masks to individuals who present to our facilities without one,” stated Cindy Peeler, Dallas County Hospital and Family Medicine Clinics Chief Clinical Officer “Across the nation we are seeing a PPE shortage and by wearing your mask to our facilities it allows us to be sure we can provide those who need a mask with a mask.”

Dallas County Hospital and Family Medicine Clinics is continuing to ask for donations of PPE stock, such as N95 respirators and surgical masks, hand-sewn masks, face shields and goggles. We ask that if you have this equipment that you could donate, call Macinzie at 515-465-7516 ahead of time to make arrangements for delivery to Dallas County Hospital.