CONGRATULTIONS to the ADM Senior Class of 2020—-A year that we all will remember and a year that will go down in history. Our lives have been changed but TOGETHER we are surviving the challenges. We celebrate our students and honor the senior class by our Friday Night Drive Throughs—-stadium lights aglow, pictures of all our seniors in the windows and the infamous canon “boom.” The following senior students are being recognized by the ADM Scholarship Foundation for their outstanding achievements in the month of May.

Student of the Month: Jacob Butler — Raccoon Valley Bank and River Valley Insurance

Kiwanis: Nathaniel Aukes and Zach Fuller — Kiwanis and Adel TV and Appliance

Fine Arts: Sebastian Steelman and Joyce Kennedy (art) — Lincoln Savings Bank and Fareway Stores

Since all sports were canceled during the month of May, we have no athletes to recognize.

A special thank you to the faculty of the ADM School District for their devotion to these students and their efforts to recognize them for their accomplishments. Also a big thank you to the local businesses that make a contribution to the ADM Scholarship Foundation to honor the students.

All the contributions given to the Foundation are invested and the income is used to provide scholarships to graduating seniors of the ADM School District going on to post-secondary education. The ADM Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors has reviewed the applications of the seniors applying for this scholarship and announcement of the recipients will be given at the commencement ceremony. Over $650,000 has been given in scholarships since the Foundation’s inception in 1985. More information may be found at the website or you may contact a board member listed on the site.