Adel Rotarians delivered boxes of grab-and-go snacks to the Adel Police and Fire Departments and to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office to support their efforts to protect and serve area residents during this busy time of the pandemic.

“Rotarians around the world are supporting the workers in their communities that are lending helping hands to those in need. Workers are keeping up a hectic pace and often only have time to grab a snack to take with them as they get back out to take the next call,” Rotarian Shirley McAdon said.

Service clubs like Rotary are stepping forward to show their appreciation for those essential workers who have remained on the job to ensure the safety of citizens. Adel Rotary has continued to meet electronically so that it can continue to fund community projects like BSA Eagle Scout projects and the Good Samaritan Food Pantry but also to hear from speakers to stay informed. Working together, service clubs continue to help their communities.