County Auditors received a directive from Secretary Paul Pate on March 23, 2020 that the Primary Election will be held as scheduled on June 2, 2020.

Due to the circumstance that we are faced with, the Dallas County Auditor’s office wants all registered voters and eligible voters to know we take everyone’s health and wellbeing seriously. Therefore, we are limiting the number of polling locations throughout the county. Listed below are voter’s regular precincts and where they would vote for the Primary. The new location may/may not have changed.Normal PrecinctPrimary LocationAdel 1, Adel 2 & Colfax/Adel

Adel Public Library

303 S 10th St.


Clive 5, Clive 6, Urbandale 13,

Urbandale 14 & Urbandale 15

Heartland Presbyterian Church

14300 Hickman Rd.


Perry 1, Perry 2, Perry 3,

Beaver/Des Moines & Spring Valley/Dallas

Perry Elementary School

1600 8th St.

PerryUnion & Lincoln/Washington/Linn

Redfield American Legion

1116 Thomas St.

RedfieldAdams, Van Meter & DeSoto

Van Meter American Legion

910 Main St.

Van Meter

Sugar Grove/Dallas Center &


1st Presbyterian Church

1204 13th St.

Dallas Center

Waukee 1, Waukee, 2, Waukee 3

Waukee 4, Waukee 5 & Waukee 6

Waukee School Administrative Bldg.

560 SE University Ave.


West Des Moines 221, West Des Moines 222,

West Des Moines 223, West Des Moines 224,

West Des Moines 225, West Des Moines 226,

West Des Moines 321 & West Des Moines 322

Lutheran Church of Hope

925 Jordan Creek Pkwy.

West Des Moines